• Question: What percentage of things can be proven by science?

    Asked by KA456 to Alex, Carl, Hayley, Melanie, Tim, Yewande on 13 Jun 2018.
    • Photo: Alex Seeney

      Alex Seeney answered on 13 Jun 2018:

      That’s difficult to put an answer on! If we can gather enough information and evidence, then we can make a really good attempt at proving something through scientific analysis. I don’t know exactly how many things we can prove though – there are a lot of experiments going on all over the world!

    • Photo: Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu

      Yewande Okunoren-Oyekenu answered on 14 Jun 2018:

      Theoretically, science is a discipline for solving problems. It is therefore almost accurate to say that 100% of things can be proven by science. Almost everything is linked to science including criminal investigations and statistical analysis of data in all disciplines.

    • Photo: Carl Barford

      Carl Barford answered on 14 Jun 2018:

      I heard someone say we will only find 1% if we look for ever – bit of a challenge to a scientist!